Our Growing Coalition

New York Outdoor Recreation Coalition is the hub that connects policymakers, industries, communities, educators, and other stakeholders looking to work together to bring forth a new way of being with nature, one grounded in these three pillars of health: Economic; Environmental; Humans and Community.

With months of restricted movements due to the pandemic, New Yorkers are finding refuge on the trails, in the parks, and in our expansive wilderness. As a result, the outdoor industry is seeing a sharp increase in demands. As this demand grows, so does the gap between those with access and resources and those without.  

As a result, NYROC was formed to work towards narrowing the gap by diversifying the workforce in the growing green-economy, creating opportunities along trails, in education, and consequently the outdoor industry. 

NYORC bridges the nature gaps, providing a platform to keep all visible, working and talking, and deciding together. The NYORC members are committed to creating an inclusive and representative outdoors for all.