The New York Outdoor Recreation Coalition provides a unified voice of outdoor enthusiasts for New York’s diverse user groups across the industry. Our vision is a united and inclusive recreation community that harnesses their passion for outdoor adventure to protect New York’s public lands.

Our Story

Learn about our beginnings and our vision.

Our Governance

Learn about how we are organized and manage our coalition.

Our Principles

    • Know Before You Go

Check the status of the place you want to visit. If it’s closed, don’t go. If it’s crowded, have a backup plan

    • Practice Physical Distancing

Keep your group size small. Be prepared to cover your nose and mouth and give others space. If you are sick, stay home.

    • Plan Ahead

Prepare for facilities to be closed, pack lunch, and bring essentials like hand sanitizer and a face covering

    • Play it Safe

Slow down and choose lower-risk activities to reduce your risk of injury. Search and rescue operations and health care resources are both strained.

    • Explore Locally

Limit long-distance travel and make use of local parks, trails and public spaces. Be mindful of your impact on the communities you visit.

    • Leave No Trace

Respect public lands and waters, as well as Native and local communities. Take all your garbage with you.

        • Plan Ahead and Prepare

        • Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

        • Dispose of Waste Properly

        • Leave What You Find

        • Minimize Campfire Impacts

        • Respect Wildlife

        • Be Considerate of Other Visitors

    • Build an Inclusive Outdoors

      • Be an active part of making the outdoors safe and welcoming for all identities and abilities.

As a coalition we will work to represent the vastness of New York State in the following ways:

    • Through All regions in New York State and its geographical representation including: Western, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Central, North Country, Mohawk Valley, Capitol District, Catskills, Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island..

    • Through varying types of outdoor recreation

    • Through opening our coalition to the extraordinary diversity of ALL people who make up New York

    • Through the avenues of advocacy - in business and government